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Teens Teaching to Learn and Lead in NYC


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Meet a school that has adopted the PERC Program. Hear how classroom instruction has changed, what teachers are doing differently. See the PERC classroom and hear from a student about being a TAS. Meet a principal who talks about how empowering middle performing students to become peer leaders and scholars changes the school and the students. This video presents a brief snapshot of the implementation of the Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom (PERC) in the school. Meet a middle performing students who chose to become Teaching Assistant Scholars (TAS) and became inspired to become a leader and scholar. See research data that demonstrate that TAS are almost three times as likely as a matched group of students to become college ready and that 9th graders in the PERC classrooms are almost twice as likely to pass state tests at the end of the 9th grade. Teens Teaching and Leading shows us the impact of PERC -- on outcomes and lives.